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Bachelor in Creative Technology(Hons) Theatre

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This three-year programme offers a multi-discipline approach. As technology is being applied more and more to the discipline of Theatre such as Scenography, Sound, Acting and Directing, and with the crossovers of thespians to the world of film and television, the challenges facing theatre students become numerous – and exciting. Traditional theatre, long a part of our history, is not being sidelined. Some of the theatrical aspects explored by students include Basic Acting, Character Study, Acting for the Camera, Vocals, Set Design, Directing, Musical Theatre, Children’s Theatre, Recording Technology, Creative Sound Production, Sound Effect and Foley.

• Introduction to Drama & Theatre
• Traditional Theatre 1
• Traditional Theatre 2
• Traditional Theatre 3
• Traditional Theatre 4
• Technical Drawing & CAD
• Advanced Acting
• Introduction to Scenography
• Recording Technology
• Advanced Directing
• Script Analysis
• Set Design
• Character Acting
• Sound Effect & Foley
• Musical Theatre
• Bio-Mechanics for Actors
• Performance Theory & Style
• Western Theatre
• Costume Design
• Acting for Camera
• Creative Sound Production
• Children's Theatre
• Make-up & Special Effects
• Lighting Design
• Asian Theatre
• Modern Theatre Production
• Theatre Seminar
• Traditional Theatre Production


Memenuhi syarat am universiti serta keperluan khas program Ijazah Sarjana Muda Teknologi Kreatif

Syarat Am Universiti

  • Lulus SPM atau yang diiktiraf setaraf dengan baik
  • Kepujian dalam Bahasa Melayu / Malaysia si peringkat SPM/setaraf
  • Mendapat sekurang-kurangya Gred C (NGMP 2.00) dalam Pengajian Am dan mendapat sekurang-kurangya PNGK 2.00
  • Lulus Matrikulasi KPM/Asasi Sains UM/ Asasi Undang-undang KPTM dengan mendapat sekurang-kurangya PNGK 2.00
  • Lulus Diploma dari IPT Lain yang diiktiraf oleh Kerajaan Malaysia
  • Malaysian University English Test (MUET) Band 1.

Syarat Khas Program

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Graduates may find employment in the performing arts arena as actors, acting coaches, directors, and production designers.