In virtually every industry from autos to fashion, food products, and info tech itself, the winners in the long run are those who can create and keep creating.
Richard Florida, The Rise of the Creative Class, 2002

The Faculty of Film, Theatre & Animation focuses on discovering and facilitating the development of creativity in our students, along with the skills to manage and promote their artistic endeavours. Acquiring the skills to produce art is still an important and integral aspect of our programs, however, we acknowledge that the arts today are closely aligned with business and because of that we emphasise the management of the creative industries.

It is widely accepted today by government leaders that the arts not only play a significant role in the well being of society but contribute positively to the health of the economy. Creativity is widely encouraged not only within the artistic communities but also in industries with the hope that newer and better discoveries will be forthcoming.

Creativity demands a professional mastery of the basics skills that are a part of each medium, and it requires that those who use it must have a clear understanding of themselves, their culture, tradition, and history, if they intend to explore new avenues of inquiry and make things that will resonate with audiences and the marketplace. It requires actors, directors, designers, cinematographers, film makers, story tellers, writes, researchers, and people willing to take risks with the old forms in order to find the new.

This Faculty provides student the opportunity to become good at their chosen disciplines and the confidence to move successfully throughout Malaysia and the world as artists and members of the creative class. In today’s globalized world, we see the arts more and more through the prism of economics and, within that world, as graduates from this faculty you will be able to confidently take your place as highly skilled artists, technologist, writes, analysts, communicators, and managers. And when you combo that with your knowledge and understanding of your rich Malaysian heritage, you will be one of the “winner who can create and keep on creating.”


Y.Bhg. Dato' Professor Dr. A. Razak Mohaideen

Dato has a BA Hons. in Journalism and Broadcasting and an MA in Film and Video from the Northern Media School, Sheffield Hallam University, England. He is a profilic film director who has directed more than 35 mainstream films. He won a Special Jury Award for Portraying Social Community Culture and was the Producer of one of the Best Short Films at the 2007 RTM Short Film Awards. He is also one of the lecturers involved in the setting up of the Faculty of Performing Arts in 1998. In 2011, he has been awarded National Academic Award (Creative) and received Malaysia Book of Records for directing most number of film by an academician.


Live arts, visualising dreams


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