Malam Puisi, Lagu dan Kopi 2016
by Emma Lynchey | 2014993339
Semester 4 | Artisitic Writing

On the 19th of August 2016, Malam Puisi, Lagu dan Kopi was held at Blackbox, FiTA organized by Semester 4 Diploma in Artistic Writing students under the subject Poetry and Lyric Writing.

Though the event was set to begin at 8.30pm, guests began to arrive at 9.00pm. Nevertheless, they came in large numbers allowing the event to keep schedule with Ibrahim Jamaluddin, Creative Writing Head of Department, to give his speech along with a recitation of his poem Balliklah Kau Balik in order to open the ceremony.

The opening performance for the evening was by a small group of the Semester 4 Artistic Writing students performing Jaclyn Victor’s medley Koleksi Gemilang. The evening went on with performances of songs and poems by students of different backgrounds; though most were from the Artistic Writing programme, students from the other programmes such as Creative Arts Management, Theatre, and Screen performed amazingly nonetheless. Not to mention a song was performed by our very own lecturers Wan Ainaa Atiqah and Siti Zubaidah titled Terukir Di Bintang written by.Yuna

Unlike other events, Malam Puisi, Lagu dan Kopi was meant to be casual with a setting that allowed students to showcase their talents in creating original works thus performing those works. While many had done so, others performed songs and recited poems written by known singers and published poets which were very much welcomed nonetheless. All throughout the performances, guests were able to enjoy refreshments of coffee, tea and some delicacies.

As the event came to a close, one final performance again by a small group of semester 4 Artistic Writing students was due; a group recitation of original and published poems. The event finally ended at 11.00pm leaving guests entertained and hoping for more.

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